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Bronx Zoo - Explorer for a Day

On Thursday June 28th, CMCS is hosting our "Explorer for a Day" outing at the Bronx Zoo. 

Please help by sponsoring a child in our foster care programs. For just $25 each child will enjoy a day at the world famous Bronx Zoo with a "Total Experience" ticket, learning about the animals and their habitats. A healthy lunch is also included.

More than anything though is that you will be providing a day of fun and laughter in the life of a child who has faced challenges and obstacles that no child should face. Just $25 will give these children a day they have never experienced before.

Please click www.cmcs.org/zoo and sponsor a child for $25 (or 2 children for $50, 3 children for $75, etc.).

On behalf of these children and the fun they will have, we thank you.

The Bronx Zoo