April is Autism Awareness Month

In honor of World Autism Awareness Month, CMCS rallied to "Light It Up Blue" to help shine a light on Autism awareness.

What must it be like to live your entire life unable to communicate even the most basic of needs; unable to ask for a meal, or to go outside, or even ask if you can use the bathroom? Emotionally trapped with no way to understand how or why this is happening, the frustration builds and undoubtedly leads to outbursts and episodes of self-harm.

It is painful for those who go through it and it is painful for family members to see, as all they want is to be able to help and comfort their loved ones. These are just a few of the many challenges faced by the adults with autism in our care. CMCS was one of the first agencies to coordinate the Applied Behavior Analysis service model across our daily service programs and adapt it into our residential settings. Behavior analysis focuses on the principles of how learning takes place. Though time and resource intensive, this “all-in” approach to learning has shown to be a guiding force of positive and meaningful change.

Our adults with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) have made great strides in their ability to communicate their needs through the use of iPads and other technical devices, and improving on living and social skills, helping them become more independent. As important, this service model also reduces hospitalizations, reducing behaviors that may cause harm and reducing behaviors that limit learning.

As a sign of its success and growth, we have opened 2 new residential homes for adults with autism where we employ the ABA model, furthering a life of growth and independence for these young men and women. This unique ABA Treatment model is expanding based on the results we are able to achieve with the adults in our care. Even with these successes this service model is not yet publicly funded. 100% of the funds are from individual donors like you.

April is Autism Awareness Month! We hope you will make a donation today.

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