WVOX helps CMCS in our effort to recruit Foster Parents

WVOX radio has featured CMCS staff in our effort to find loving and caring foster parents.

CMCS has developed a Treatment Family Foster Care program that serves children in Westchester County, similar to the TFFC model utilized in our Bronx programs. TFFC provides comprehensive clinical and social work services for youngsters who are placed with treatment parents who receive extensive training regarding the child’s specific needs. Many of these children are first seen in our Hayden Diagnostic program and have special needs including severe emotional disturbances.

Please click here to hear the WVOX interview with former Mt. Vernon Mayor Ernie Davis, with CMCS President and CEO, Beth Finnerty, SVP of Children's Services, Aurey Erazo and Director of Social Work Services, Cynthia Burgos.

Our Treatment Family Foster Care program provides trauma-informed, specialized care to children ages 5 and older. Many have suffered emotional trauma as the result of physical and sexual abuse, extreme neglect and failed placements. Through the Treatment Family Foster Care Program, each child has the opportunity to work with both a caseworker and Behavioral Specialist. The caseworker focuses on permanency planning with the youth and their family and seeks to help the youth develop permanent adult connections. The Behavioral Specialist works closely with the youth, their treatment foster parent and our clinical staff on agreed upon treatment goals. TFFC Foster Parents must also complete a skills training program in positive parenting and behavior modification that help foster parents recognize the impacts of trauma, understand the recommended and effective treatment models, and work in partnership with the treatment team to meet the needs of these children.

You can make a difference in the life a child.

Contact us today to find out how you can help change the life of a child.


Clara Garcia: 718-762-5302 Ext. 210

Cynthia Burgos: 646-234-7230

Phyllis Marshall: 914-479-4222

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