May is National Foster Care Month

From infants and children to older youth aging out of care, the difficulties these children face are many and are lasting. These children are our future and we work to keep them safe and to provide them every opportunity to lead healthy, caring and productive lives.

Their start in life was difficult and traumatic. They were born into families that were not capable of raising a child. This can be as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, poverty or mental illness and resulted in the child being removed from the care of their family.

Though it is done for the safety and well-being of the child, the child has lost the only family they have known. They don't want to live with a foster family no matter how caring the foster family is. They want to be with their mother and or father, no matter how bad and dangerous the family situation is.

The services and support that these children require are many. They need a caring hand. They need to be safe and they need to feel safe. They will need clinical and therapeutic support. They may need medical services and they will need every bit of educational support we can provide.

With all this help for the child, it is the parents and caregivers that must make critical changes to their lives if they hope to regain custody of their child/children. Parenting support groups and treatment programs all come into play for the parents that hope to reunite their families.

These are complicated issues with many layers, but there are success stories.

These children have an opportunity. But they, and we, need your help in providing them the care that will help change the trajectory of their lives.

Please donate today to our programs, and help us help them.

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