“McCloskey Works” — An individualized approach to supported employment

Work is something we do to help improve our lives. This can be for financial reasons, for family, for a higher cause and for personal reward. Work can give us a sense of accomplishment and value. It challenges us,improves our confidence, and can often give us a chance to give back to the community we live in. For people with disabilities, these rewards and feelings of accomplishment are equally important.

However, finding opportunities in the workplace can be difficult to achieve. Cardinal McCloskey Community Services’ Supported Employment Division continues to grow and attract new  business partners that provide a wider range of employment opportunities for the individuals we serve. Our highly trained staff of job coaches and job developers focuses on discovering each individual’s unique abilities, while also locating employers who can provide opportunities for each individual to reach their true potential.

Once a match is found, and an individual is hired; we provide workplace supports and guidance until the individual has gained the skills and confidence necessary to work independently.

New York State has added a number of new supported employment initiatives that provide financial support to businesses hiring people with disabilities, and Cardinal McCloskey Community Services has successfully utilized these programs to create customized employment opportunities for the individuals we serve. Some of our business partners include Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, Briarcliff Schools, Westchester County Department of Parks, Hudson Pharmacy, US District Court, ABB Optical and DeCiccio Markets.

If you know an individual who might benefit from our services, or an employer who would like to become one of our business partners, please contact Sam Lamonoff, Job Development Specialist at 914-997-8000, x-135 or email Sam at

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