Supportive Employment - Building Futures

From our own experiences we have felt the value and self-worth after putting in a day of hard work. Whether it be working at a job we love, or working to help others, the feelings of accomplishment can be undeniable and carry us from day to day.

Supportive Employment is a full service employment program which includes vocational skill building and enhancement, travel training, resume and cover letter writing, assistance in writing job applications, interviewing and long term support both on and off the job site. Individuals in this program receive customized support to build marketable skills, learn about industries of their choice and become a competitive candidate for employment opportunities.

CMCS has a network of employers who participate in our Supportive Employment Program and work in conjunction with assigned job coaches from CMCS.

Many of our individuals qualify for “work tryout”, in which NY State may provide the employer with financial incentives. It is the job developer’s responsibility to present and fully explain these options to employers in order to
maximize potential job opportunities. We are constantly looking to expand our list of participating employers so that we can offer a broader range of opportunities to those participating in the Supportive Employment Program.

For more information on how you, our your business, can help one of our adults, please contact Sam Lamonoff at

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