A shared office with a shared goal.

Each and every day in our Valhalla office, CMCS staff shares space with our Day Habilitation (Day Hab) Program.  The Day Hab program runs 5 days a week, providing opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to further develop their social, vocational and daily independent living skills in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Our goal is guided by the philosophy that encouragement and empowerment can be transformative. Our staff encourages participants to set and achieve personal goals, which they do with amazing success. The services offer a social environment where individuals build and refine skills to pursue their goals, leading to increased independence and increased options for employment.

It is an environment embraced by staff and we all look forward to our daily interactions and the smiles and greeting we receive. As part of this shared working environment, office staff must also come with the knowledge and be sensitive to the needs of the individuals in our Day Hab program.

To help office staff better understand how our interactions can have a positive effect, the CMCS Day Services Supervisory Team, CMCS Program Support Psychologists and Behavior Analysts host informative group presentations and discussions that review and reinforce ways in which our interactions are in line and support the Behavior Plans for each person. Behavior Support Plans outline common behavioral challenges, functions of behavior, common triggers for behaviors and ways in which positive behaviors are reinforced.

The Day Hab program teaches skills and helps individuals pursue their goals through engaging in everyday activities that are purposeful, meaningful, goal-oriented and fun. Our Day Habilitation team also works closely with our Supportive Employment team to further support vocational goals. Pathway to Employment and Employment Training Programs are additional specialized programs available through CMCS for pursuing employment.

The shared environment in which we work is enriched through this program and we are thankful and appreciative of the adults in our Day Hab program and the joy they bring to us every day.

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