CMCS Celebrates 70 Years of Service

2016 is the year Cardinal McCloskey Community Services celebrates our 70th Anniversary.  Our humble beginnings in 1946 on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains as a home and school for abandoned children has grown into so much more.  The work of CMCS, our commitment to staying true to our mission and the impact on the lives of others is only possible because of you.

What Does 70 Years of CMCS Look Like?

• Tens of thousands of children who have suffered neglect and trauma receiving the love, care and support they each deserve

• Individuals with developmental disabilities who now live in homes that provide them with the opportunity to live more fulfilling and independent lives

• Thousands of young children in the poorest neighborhoods of the Bronx changing the path of their future in our Early Childhood Education programs

• Delivering specialized medical and clinical services so that the children, adults and families we care for can grow and embrace new opportunities

What Does Another 70 Years of CMCS Look Like?

Each day we will continue to provide the care and service that provides hope and helps change lives. These days will turn to weeks, weeks will turn to months and months will turn to years. We will be as committed to our mission in the next 70 years because we stay true to it each and every day.

We feel tremendous pride in the work that has been done over the past 70 years and we are honored that you have chosen Cardinal McCloskey Community Services as your vehicle to improve the lives of children, teens and adults in need.

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