Fordham University lends a hand.

In January of 2015, Dr. Janet DiLorenzo of Fordham University reached out to CMCS President and CEO Beth Finnerty. Dr. DiLorenzo teaches a class at the Gabelli School of Business where students take on the role of professional consultants and act in an advisory role on specific subjects assigned to their team/s.

CMCS assigned separate projects to each of the two 2 consulting teams.

The first: define the role, impact and strategy that social media can and should play in building awareness levels of the agency and how it can aide in increasing donations and the scope and size of our donor base.

The second: leveraging our work with adults with autism, the agency is interested in developing a marketing campaign that would attract additional clients to our organization as well as additional donors who would help us continue our research and ABA program development.

Beth Finnerty (CEO), Dr. William Ursillo (COO), and Luke Dougherty (Director of Marketing) briefed the two teams at the Rose Hill campus and fielded a variety of questions from the students so that each team understood the scope of the assignment and would move forward in preparing a “Problem Statement” to be presented as a first step.

After the presentation of the Problem Statements each team participated in a site visit, observing our Day Habilitation program in our Valhalla office and attended an additional Q and A session.

The teams then moved forward, collecting and evaluating data, drawing conclusions and developing recommendations based on their research. 

Their final presentations were held on the Bronx Campus of Fordham and included;

- Executive Summary
- Introduction
- Situation Analysis
- Issue Descriptions and Background
- Problem Definition
- Pre-Research Plan
- Collect Relevant Data (Primary and Secondary Data)
- Data Analysis
- Report Development and Presentation
- Methodology of Identifications
- Recommendations
- Methodology Testing           
- Appendix
- Support Materials
- Copies of Power Point Slides

The conclusions were impressive, emphasizing the growing role and need to target millennials, recommendations on non-traditional advertising executions as well as an increased commitment to social media.

As stated by CEO Beth Finnerty, “We were all so incredibly impressed with every aspect of their preparation, research and presentation. There are many challenges facing non-profits today and it is critically important that we can properly evaluate all of the strategic options available to us. These Fordham students provided both a great deal of clarity on these options and fresh thinking and ideas that we plan on executing in many different areas.”

We would like to thank Fordham University, Dr. DiLorenzo and CMCS Board Member John McCombe for his role in putting us in contact with Fordham.

For the students, we hope you all enjoy your summer vacations and congratulations and good luck to those graduating. Based on what we observed you are all looking at very bright futures!

Fordham University Consulting Group - Team A

Daniel Chapple, Thomas Dolan, Alyssa Johnson, Andrew Kaczmarek, Nicholas Mangione, Jomer Roman, John Rosario, Corina Tse

Fordham University Consulting Group - Team B

Sam Godsey, Alexandra Marshall, Robert Salandra, Andrew Santis, Colum Sleeper, Stanley J. Stilwell III, Jacqueline Townsley, Christian Trigani

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