From Foster Care to College Students

As the end of summer approaches it is back to school time. And in what can be described as an amazing accomplishment, 18 young men and women from our Foster Care programs are fulfilling their dreams as they travel off to colleges and universities across the northeast.


The schools they are attending include Marist College, Penn State, Binghamton University, Clarkson University, Oswego University, Bridgeport and more.

The work put in, by both the students and staff is a real-life testament to the changes we can help make.

These students are pursuing studies in business, education, architecture and more. The road they have traveled has not been easy but these dedicated young men and women are an example what can be achieved through hard work, support and love.

From tough beginnings each of these young men and women have overcome numerous obstacles as they make strides to meet goals that they, along with CMCS staff have set for them. These students come from our Family Foster Care, Therapeutic Family Foster Care and Tappan Group Home.

And in addition to these 18 students now attending college there are 10 more from our Foster Care Program that have already graduated and have their college degrees!

Congratulations to both our graduates and college students. They are an inspiration to us all!

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