Drop In Center

Since July 2009, the Sunrise Drop-In Center has been servicing homeless, runaway and at-risk youth. The center offers a warm and inviting location for youth who are “at risk” including but not limited to, those currently in foster care or who have aged out, young parents, victims of abuse, youth involved in the criminal or juvenile justice system, or LGBTQ youngsters.

Call (718) 993-7700 ext. 804 or email FLardo-Dimarco@cmcs.org to find out more about our work at the Sunrise Drop In Center.

The goal of the program is to protect youth between the ages of 14-24 and, whenever  possible, to reunite them with their families through an integrated network of services. When reunification is not possible, the program aims to protect youth and help them progress towards independent living. Through daily  workshops, case management services are offered and youth are assisted in meeting their basic needs, in receiving medical and mental health services, in furthering their education, in attaining employment, and in acquiring the  skills necessary to becoming an empowered, independent individual.