Center Based and Family Child Care Programs

CMCS currently operates a Family Child Care network and our Group Day Care centers. Our Family Day Care Program is the largest provider of subsidized child care in New York City, for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years, on a  daily basis. We have a long-standing history of service throughout the Bronx and have been in operation since 1973.

For more information on our Day Care programs call (718) 402-0081 ext. 238.

The families we serve live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, with the majority of the recipients of  services residing in the Bronx. Many of the current families served are low income families working in vocational or accredited educational programs and/or have physical, emotional, or intellectual challenges that prevent them  from adequately meeting the needs of their children without additional supports.

Our staff provides support to the families and providers and function as liaisons and advocates for the children in their care. With this direct support  and supervision, the family child care network provides comprehensive service to each family receiving services and each child care provider. Every child participating in one of our day care programs is enrolled in the Child and  Adult Care Food Program to ensure that they receive nutritional meals and snacks. In addition, CMCS offers individual and group trainings to the child care providers as well as technical assistance and support to enhance their  services to the children in their care. This valuable program allows parents to enter the workforce and be assured that their children are safe and secure.