Adoption Services

Our adoption unit has been consistently awarded New York City’s highest honor of “Outstanding Achievement” in Adoption Services. While our goal is to keep the family unit together, the safety of our children is our top priority.

Please call (914) 997-8000 ext. 804 or email FLardo-Dimarco@CMCS.ORG for more information on our Adoption Services.

Unfortunately, there are situations where it is impossible for a child to remain with or return to their birth parents. In these very sad situations, our adoption unit social workers are dedicated to finding loving and stable permanent homes for these children.

During Fiscal Year 2011, the adoption unit secured homes for 57 children, once again surpassing its goals and making it one of the preferred providers of adoption services in the New York City area.  Additionally, of all agencies in the City of New York, CMCS achieved the highest adoption score.