Family Foster Care

Our Family Foster Care Program has been providing temporary homes with trained and certified foster parents to children whose families are unable to care for them.

For information on Family Foster Care services contact FLardo-Dimarco@CMCS.ORG.

The goal of our devoted staff is to help each child overcome their emotional deprivation or abuse by meeting each child’s unique needs for counseling, medical care, mental health services and educational assistance. Our foster parents provide them with a safe environment and give them love and guidance to help achieve their optimum level of growth and development. We ensure that every child who comes to us knows that their safety and well-being is our primary goal and that we will do everything within our power to safely reunite them with their family.

While the children remain in secure temporary homes, we provide their birth families with parenting skills programs and mental health services with the expectation of reunification once a healthy environment can be established. We also strive to find a healthy permanent home for the children who are unable to reunite with their birth parents.