Strategies For Success

Strategies for Success is our educational advocacy program for our children in foster care. Foster care youth face unique challenges and obstacles that leave them at a disadvantage to their peers in school.

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Over the past  three decades, studies have shown that compared to the general school population, children in foster care have poorer overall educational outcomes. They are less likely to perform at grade level, are more likely to have  behavior and discipline problems, have poorer attendance rates, are more likely to be assigned to special education classes and are less likely to attend college. In addition to suffering from the traumatic impact of foster care,  our children are also subject to placement in many of the poorer performing schools which are not equipped to provide the individual guidance that our children need. Through Strategies for Success we aim to interrupt this cycle and provide positive alternatives, creating motivation to succeed in school and building self-esteem. The overall goal of our program is to increase the success that our students experience in school to be measured ultimately by increased high school graduation rates and enrollment in college or vocational schools. We conduct workshops and create individual customized educational plans, assisting youth by establishing goals, an then by  supporting them in achieving them, with the aim of ultimately bringing them academic success.

The Strategies for Success Program will be further strengthened by our continued partnership with Advocates for Children’s (AFC’s) Project Achieve, an innovative program that brings educational expertise directly to families involved with the child welfare system. AFC’s mission is to ensure equal access to a quality public education for all of New York City’s  children, especially those at greatest risk of school discrimination and academic failure. We look forward to continuing to improve upon and expand the services offered through the Strategies for Success program, which is so  essential to the continued life success of the youngsters in our care.