Specialized Clinical Services

Bridges To Health

The Bridges to Health (B2H) Program is a statewide initiative designed to tailor comprehensive health care plans for children in foster care with serious emotional disturbances, developmental disabilities and medical frailties.  Studies show that more than half of the children in foster care have one or more mental health disorders (i.e. post-traumatic stress disorder) and at least one chronic medical condition. Our B2H program service delivery is  designed specifically for these vulnerable children and their caregivers to promote permanency and maximize functioning in their home, community, and school settings.

Call 718-542-0255, Ext. 241 or email LSestito@CMCS.ORG to find out more about our Bridges To Health program.

This revolutionary program offers 14 additional services in  these key areas aimed at improving their quality of life until they are 21 years old. A unique feature of this program is that services can continue for children and families after an adoption, a time when significant support is  needed to ensure that a child has successfully adapted to their permanent environment.