Who We Serve - Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Henry is an affable man who has been a part of the CMCS DayHab and Supportive Employment Program for years. Never a day goes by without Henry making sure he personally greets everyone on their way into work and he loves discussing his favored Yankees’ results from the previous evening. Henry is very proud of his job and he loves to work.

Until recently, Henry lived at home with his elderly Mother, Father and brother. His parents, planning for the future, wanted to ensure that Henry found placement in an environment they could trust would not only care for their child, but provide him with a quality life. They wanted Henry to live at CMCS.

Working with both family and the Residential Team, today Henry calls his CMCS IRA his home. With a supportive family and friends Henry’s transition to residential has been a positive experience for him. He eagerly expresses his love for his new home and he exudes a new confidence and verve. Where he still enjoys going home for Sunday dinner with his family, he has built relationships and camaraderie with his housemates that he had not experienced before “living on his own.” Henry is out enjoying the community almost nightly and every weekend. He has a full social calendar of events of his own choosing and his life is full.

The commitment at CMCS to ensure every opportunity for growth and personal fulfillment is clearly evident when Henry lets you know, “I’m really happy today. Are you good?”

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Note: Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of those we serve.