Who We Serve - Bridges to Health

Gabriel, age 12, came to be enrolled in the Bridges to Health (B2H) program by way of Cardinal McCloskey’s Foster Boarding Home program in March 2009.  Gabriel had been the victim of physical abuse and suspected sexual abuse. 

At the time he came into placement, Gabriel was living with relatives and had been having severe behavioral challenges.  He had incidents of exposing himself in public, using profanity, and compulsively lying and stealing – these behaviors were too much for his relatives to deal with on their own.  Despite regular contacts with his caseworker and multiple attempts at therapy, Gabriel’s behavior did not improve.  His downward spiral eventually led for him to be hospitalized on multiple occasions and to be put on medications. 

Gabriel’s CMS caseworker and clinical team felt that he needed more help than what he was currently getting and the team immediately explored a referral for B2H for the family. 

Gabriel was approved for enrollment in the B2H program and immediately the family began working with the B2H team to gather information to meet the family’s needs.  Appropriate service providers were identified and the B2H providers collaborated constantly with everyone involved in Gabriel’s life including his Case Worker, therapist and Biological Mother.   With these intensive supports, Gabriel began to steadily improve.  Gabriel’s Health Care Integrator and Waiver Service Provider worked together in creating Detail Service Plan’s targeted to Gabriel, his foster mother and biological mother’s unique strengths in an effort to support their areas of need. 

Through the coordinated efforts of Gabriel’s B2H providers and caregivers, Gabriel learned socialization skills and developed tools to express his emotions appropriately and effectively.  B2H was working.  Gabriel had improved so much and his biological mother had met her ACS goals that he was trial discharged to her care and B2H continued their intensive work with the family.  Gabriel’s transition back to his biological mother’s home was not without its challenges, but B2H crisis services supported her through these challenges and helped her work through the crisis without Gabriel being hospitalized.  Gabriel was eventually final discharged to his mother’s care with all B2H services still intact. 

With B2H providers closely supporting Gabriel and following his progress, it is undeniable that Gabriel has achieved phenomenal growth and has adjusted to his mom’s home as well as his new school.  Gabriel’s mom continues to rely on B2H’s support in maintaining Gabriel’s success as well as our guidance in meeting his needs.  Gabriel has been off of all psychotropic medication for four months and easily takes directives from mom. 

Ultimately, Gabriel’s HCI adjusted his Individualized Health Plan and was able to eliminate crisis services. B2H allowed Gabriel to have a fresh start and we are happy to see his growth and act like a typical 12 year old boy.

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Note: Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of those we serve.