Who We Serve - Preventive Services

CMCS provides a variety of preventive services to families with children at risk of foster care placement.  Special Medical and Developmental Preventive Services are intended for families with either a child with special medical needs, a child and/or parent with a developmental disability, or a child in need of early permanency planning due to a parent’s illness.  Social Workers strive to reduce all safety and risk issues within the family that, if left unaddressed, would warrant foster care placement.

The program was recently charged with permanency planning for a child with a long history of involvement with child welfare. 

JanIe was placed into foster care at a very young age and never had the chance to reunite with her birth mother after she passed unexpectedly from a drug overdose.  JanIe was adopted by her foster mother who too passed away very quickly.  JanIe was left without a legal guardian due to lack of planning and was moving from relative to relative, eventually coming to reside with another relative that too is terminally ill. 

When we first met JanIe she was struggling immensely with her school work and was a danger to herself and to others in the community.  The prevention staff worked with her caretaker to establish a permanency plan that all involved were excited about in advance of a crisis.  This outcome is what JanIe described as the catalyst for her commitment to change.  JanIe began to trust the staff and opened up about her feelings of abandonment and the impact that her history had on her behaviors. 

Through individual casework counseling sessions the staff was able to link JanIe to community based services. JanIe reports that her connection with the prevention worker and the desire to make her proud is in part the reason for the positive changes in her behaviors and the overall family functioning.  JanIe is now in a stable home, was promoted to the next grade and is focused on furthering her education.

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Note: Names and images have been changed to protect the identity of those we serve.