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Family Fun Night Campaign

If the past few months were a challenge for you, can you imagine what it’s been like for our children in foster care who have not been able to connect with their own families and friends? The pandemic has halted in-person visits of children with their birth families, tragically preventing them from being able to see, hug or bond with their loved ones. These visits are now more essential than ever for these children to continue to thrive and survive in this very uneasy environment. While our city begins to slowly enter new phases of togetherness, let’s make their first meal out of quarantine a meal to remember.

For many in our care, this will be the first meal they will share with their loved ones since the pandemic began. A memory like this helps carry them through until their next visit. Please sponsor a child and their family in our foster care program to enjoy a FAMILY FUN DINNER AT HOME NIGHTFor $50 you can sponsor one family, $100 will sponsor two families or more. Today, it is all about family togetherness and the enjoyment that goes with it! Simply text “familyfun” to “50155” to sponsor a child and their family for a FAMILY FUN DINNER AT HOME NIGHT.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Kerry Gutekunst at kgutekunst@cmcs.org or 914-997-8000, ex. 114.