Our DSP’s are MVP’s

CMCS staff member Dorene Word-Hadly received an award at the recent Mid-Hudson Coalition and NYSACRA sponsored DSP Conference.

Dorene, a CMCS Residence Counselor at our Belmont IRA was awarded an “Excellence in Direct Support Award” at the Mid-Hudson DSP Conference. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) working with individuals with developmental disabilities must work to insure core competency requirements are met in order to be eligible for this award.

The Core Competencies are not a training program, but represent the day-to-day valuable work that DSPs perform when serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

The NYS DSP Core Competencies, combined with the Code of Ethics for Direct Support Professionals, are values-based competencies and skills that are the foundation of person-centered supports for New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These competencies are part of New York State’s Workforce Transformation initiative.

These competencies are broken down into goal areas covering all aspects of life for people with developmental disabilities, while also including the professionalism of direct support. The core competencies include; Putting People First, Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships, Demonstrating Professionalism, Supporting Good Health and Supporting Safety.

Below, Dorene Word-Hadly (middle) with Janelle Bailey and O’Neil Lawes at the conference award ceremony.

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