Preventive Services

Our Preventive Services Program is a proactive measure to keep families together through early intervention. The goal of this program is to strengthen families as they cope with the day-to-day pressures that can result in placing their children in danger of intervention by the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). Most of the families we serve consist of single parents who are suffering from the effects of poverty, working families who struggle with raising their children, families who feel displaced and culturally alienated in a new homeland and families who struggle with their mental health and/or substance abuse problems.

Email or call (718) 542-0255 ext.232 to find out more about our Preventive Services.

Preventive Services programs have restored many families to functioning levels, a tremendously positive contribution to the community as a whole.

CMCS also now operates two Family Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs and provides Special Medical and Developmental Preventive Services intended for families with either a child with special medical needs, a child and/or parent with a developmental disability, or a child in need of early permanency planning due to a parent’s illness. The goal of these services is to support families where a parent is suffering from a progressively chronic or terminal illness; or to provide a bridge to more long-term services for families with children with special medical needs, developmental disabilities, or both. Additionally, the program assists a terminally ill parent to identify a future permanency resource and help them plan and prepare for the transfer of custody of their children. The focus of this model is to create independence, help families acquire appropriate skills which promote safety for the children and empower families to be self-sufficient. CMCS is one of four borough wide providers selected to work with this extremely vulnerable population.